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Shoes for the returner


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Okay very new to all this ... when I was little we had black shoes (I was 5 or 6)

I know women now wear pink mostly. The issue is really the type. I get slipper, but what about split sole, whole sole, canvas, leather, all canvas, all leather ... Help!

Was told fairly recently that I have flat feet if that makes a difference.


Thanks again for the reply

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Hello, DavisW, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :P


I've moved your post on tights and this one to their own places on Adult Ballet Students, which is about class and other technical support for ballet. The Pro Shop deals mostly with people who make or try to remake clothing for ballet.


When starting out, always go to the default model appropriate to your level. Since you are returning after some 25 years out of class, I'd say that makes you an "Adult Beginner". The default shoe for that level is leather, full sole, pink for women.

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