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Doing a whole class on pointe


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Hi teachers:


I take classes with advanced teens and my teacher started giving whole classes on pointe two weeks ago. We do pointe barre then jump into center work. I have been doing OK after the initial mental shock :wacko: but would like to ask for advice as to how to prepare my feet and ankles before class so that I can prevent potential injuries (I am so used to going on pointe after being fully warmed up). fYI, I keep my feet and ankles warm and do some flexing with my feet before class. Thank you for your advice in advance.


Eun Hee

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I keep a theraband with me and use it with my feet before class (all of them, actually, not just pointe!). I also do a bunch of releves to demi pointe to work the ankles. As well, I do foot circles and, if I'm of a mind, a rather diabolical foot exercise one of my teachers taught me (depends on how my ankles feel after the rest of the workout).


Additionally, I find I can't just "go on pointe" without doing some sort of regular warm up so I do abs, back exercises and some stretching (light) to activate the muscles. The whole warm-up, done from start to finish, is about 30 minutes at the most.


I have an aged body, though - I need the warm up. If I go into class without having done anything, I literally can't get through the class, pointe or not.

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It's important to stay in touch with what your legs, ankles and feet are doing. When they're doing fine, things work well. When they begin to get tired, things stop working for otherwise inexplicable reasons --- you miss making it up in a releve when you should have, you fall out of a turn, etc. It is best to stop for the day when you notice signs of fatigue that could affect your ability to do the moves safely.

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