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Beginning this year i took some casual ballet classes once a week for 8 weeks. It wasnt very rigorous and really a very ballet lite affair. However after the 8 classes i stopped as I simply couldnt do the little jumps without feeling i would break my bones. However when i stopped i missed it and i just did HEAPS of little plies and retires around the house - waiting for coffee to boil etc etc - I also danced and generally stretched myself whenever music was playing, I walk quite a lot too. Now to my amazement i find that i CAn jump a little better and feel stronger in the legs from just such a small amount of work.

I would love to do proper daily classes now but the idea of 68 yearolds coming to class has not really caught on in my area. My point really is that consistent little movements can have a really big impact. Just bending and streetching the legs with a limited amount of turnout has done wonders for me. ( I am feeling a bit sorry for myself that classes are not available, I may go back to ballet lite)

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I'm not that much younger than you and had tried to do 10 hours or so of ballet a week. I sadly had to scale down because my body couldn't take the punishment, but find that the 6 hours I do is just about right. I have recovery time between classes and as long as I'm not too tired out from work, the regular classes seem to go quite well now. Mostly. :-)

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"I would love to do proper daily classes now but the idea of 68 yearolds coming to class has not really caught on in my area. "


I see you are in Australia. Where? Your remark does not fit with the areas that I know (I'm only 62 though, but am very welcomed into classes). Many classes that I know have 70+ yrs old people in them. Are you being a bit too over-sensitive? If there are real adult classes in your area, then they should be very welcoming. If you have to fit in with teenagers it may be a bit different, but many people on this board report very positive experiences there too.


Jim (in Brisbane).

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Likewise in Perth, I am able to take daily classes (and twice daily on Wednesdays and Thursdays if I wanted to - and if the body would cope with it!) I am 52 and there are many of my classmates who are older than I am. I have found two great teachers at different studios who do really good adult classes, and are both very mindful of some of the physical restrictions with which their older students may be faced.


Good luck with finding somewhere suitable for you.

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You are all encouraging, and i will try a bit harder. You are right Jim I am a bit shy, but the places near me are very geared to youngsters. I'll try further afield ( melbourne).

The casual aspect MJ, is that the classes are offered by the Council of Adult Education for 8 weeks. It is not really an ongoing committment.

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In Melbourne, Elance is a ballet school specialising in adult classes. http://www.adultballet.com.au/

I've never attended their classes (I live in Canberra) but the website indicates adult classes at a wide variety of levels. My friend works in the building they use in Hawthorn, and she says that there are a wide variety of people in classes there.

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I've never heard of casual ballet.


It exists. I went only once to a "casual" adult ballet class in England. About 3 exercises at the barre, lots of chatting between and during, then immediately jumps in the center. I sat down at that point as I wasn't warm enough to do anything like that.


At the end of the class, I thanked the teacher for the opportunity to take the class but said I didn't think it was for me. She agreed, saying it was more a social get-together than a real class.

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I am 32rs old. I last danced when I was 13 and pre-professional at an almost apprentice level. . My mother died at that time and I went into foster care, where nodody cared to dedicate their lives to my career. My husband has been trying to get me to dance again, but I've been resisting.


I've always fealt that if I couldn't be pro that I didn't want to dance at all. In the last few years I've realized that I'm missingf a part of my soul, and I HAVE TO dance again. But at 32, and 170 pounds, I'm so embarrassed to take a class. I couldn't even FIT in a leotard! We used to snicker at the college girls who took class with us (give me a break - we were snobby teens!), and now I feel awkward. It pains me to not be able to do what used to come so easily - I can FEEL it in my bones, but my limbs don't remember it the same way as my heart!


My teacher was Victor Moreno of Balet Russe De Monte De Carlo (of "The Men of Ballet Russe", and Carla Craig of Philadelphia Civic Ballet. Reading this post has given me some hope of returning to dance. But where do I fit in?

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Why worry about 'fitting in' at all!! It's a wonderful gift to be able to dance and a wonderful joy for the soul. I heartily agree with your hubby (sounds like a good guy!!). Time to get back in to class.


There's no need to wear a leo & tights if you're more comfy in some yoga pants and a T-shirt. Ease your way back in with a beginner's class and before you know it, you'll be dancing again!!!!


We will all support you here because we've all been through it. You can do it. :)

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In the last few years I've realized that I'm missing a part of my soul, and I HAVE TO dance again. But at 32, and 170 pounds, I'm so embarrassed to take a class. I couldn't even FIT in a leotard!


One of my teachers used to say to us, if any of us started to complain about being "old" (a ridiculous thought at 32!) or "fat" is to ask us to stand in the front row. And then she's say to us that we had 2 legs and 2 arms, and could walk, so we could dance. And that was all that mattered.

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She forgot to mention about the brain ... I'm finding that's what really makes the difference (not having one, I mean) as you get older.



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