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How to make my neck look SHORTER?!


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In class a while ago, we were doing a pirouette combo, when the teacher stopped the combination to tell me my neck looked too long. I have NEVER heard that one before, even though I do have a relatively long neck.

And way to make my neck look shorter? :D

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What a very odd correction! Did s/he say anything else other than "your neck is too long"? Are you raising or lowering your chin when you spot instead of leaving it level? Are you tilting your head when you spot? Ordinarily, a long neck is a desirable thing.

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I thought this was quite peculiar as well. I DO have a very swan-ish neck, but I've never been corrected because of it.

She just said that my neck looks too long & I need to fix it? :D

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It's hard to figure out what was on your teacher's mind. Ask the next time you have a chance.

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That is really strange!

Like Mel said, a longer neck is more desirable. It makes everything look longer and you can use it to bend the head in different positions.



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That's very weird. There must be something you can do to make your chin or collarbone lower, instead of actually changing you neck. That's very strange!

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I agree, that is strange! Long necks are very pretty, in my opinion. :D

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Time to ask the teacher exactly what she meant. It could be that you are sticking your chin forward and lifting it, which would make the neck look longer and is not proper ballet technique, but, only your teacher knows for sure!!

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