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Kirov/Mariinsky US performances

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Last night’s opening night performance of Giselle by The Kirov Ballet/Mariinsky Ballet with the Mariinsky Orchestra in Chicago with 3 curtain calls was amazingly beautiful. I am still on cloud nine! The review will be in Sat. (10/4/08 )Chicago Tribune (Sid Smith, writer was behind me in 4th row). He's the link: http://www.chicagotribune.com/features/boo...0,6452683.story


Diana Vishneva and Igor Kolb portrayed Giselle and Albrecht with virtuosity. The quintessential Russian ballet company performed phenomenaly well, flawlessly, effortlessly..need I go on.


The Executive director of the Auditorium Theatre, Brett Batterson, made an introduction that made the event exraordinary - as it was the Birthday of the company’s opening October 2, 1783 at the Mariinsky Theatre, 225 years. Can anyone else come close to that, I wonder?


It was plainly stated that the Kirov Ballet is “officially” returning to the name Mariinsky Ballet.


I am interested in others insights into their performances.

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Am I the only one? Did anyone see Kirov/Mariinsky's Giselle in Chicago?


PS. I am new, have read and read and love this board. Mr. Johnson is like an encyclopedia. Ms. Leigh, Ms. DeVoe, Clara76 and vrsfanatic are so awesome. I just am afraid I'll sound stupid or post in the wrong place, or heaven forbid have my posts deleted. :)

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I was there, along with dd, at yesterday's matinee. It was brilliant. Breathtakingly beautiful. I am truly speechless. I have seen both ABT and Joffrey's performances, and thoroughly enjoyed them. I saw the Kirov do Swan Lake in 2006........so thought I had a good idea of what to expect. I was wrong! Honestly, this was a performance I will forever remember. Vishneva's descent into madness........Igor's grief........the wilis....oh, the WILIS.........and Myrthe, floating, just floating across the stage ........perhaps someone else can be more coherent than I. I'm still in a daze................

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