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Ballet Schools in Illinois - Chicago north suburbs


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I was just wondering if anyone could recommend any good ballet studios that are in some of the northern suburbs outside of Chicago. I live just north of Chicago, but have a hard time commuting into the city. Currently, I go to a fairly good studio, but i was wondering if anyone knew of anything better.

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My DD studies at Northshore School of Dance in Highland Park. Very very strong staff and wide variety of classes at all levels. 2 school companies. Web address: www.northshoredance.com

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There was an article in a recent issue of Dance Magazine about Kerry Hubata at the Evanston School of Ballet. I met her once at a Joffrey performance and she seemed quite knowledgeable and personable. Perhaps some one who has studied with her could recommend?

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I know you are looking for a studio in the north suburbs, but Chicago Ballet Arts is located on the north side not far from Evanston. Here is a link to their website, but you may only be able to get their street and email addresses and phone number since the site is currently under construction.



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Thanks for all the suggestions. I looked at Evanston School of Ballet. it seemed like excellent instruction, but there were not enough classes offered, their schedule is on their website if you want to have a look. i went and looked at Northshore School of Dance, which looks like a pretty good school, but a bit too expensive. thanks for all the input everyone :)

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Just a note that this topic was started in '08, and the original poster has not been on the board since 2011. I'm guessing she has graduated high school by now! :wink:

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