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What years of study for the pre-proffessional do they have. I have looked at their web site and did not see any schools for the pp over 16 years old-


Does any one know anything current on this company and its training programs??

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You can't start there at 16. By that time, you're either hire-ready for somebody, or "bound over" until the next hiring cycle, but that's it. They don't do post-graduate work.

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POD, you are only one post from being able to get PM. You can pm me when you can, and I will see what I can find out for you, although Mel is right.

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Actually, I had a danish friend of mine ask about this for us a couple of years ago.


The results were as noted by Major Mel - you can audition for the company starting at 16; not the school.

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And you can audition for the Odense Theatre, and the Ballet Peter Schaufuss, and a couple other places, but you have to be out of there by the time you're 18, if I recall correctly. I think that the general rule is that they stop taking new Aspirants at 12.

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