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Hi, This is my first time to post. I am the mother of an aspiring ballet dancer. My daughter attends a pre pro school, she is 11. This is her second year of pointe. My daughter has been dancing for many years and shows great promise. Ballet is her love, she could dance all day. My question is, in second year pointe class, how many students should be all the way up on pointe? My daughter was up the very first day doing turns. I am not wanting to boast or say anything bad, just worried that I don't know what to expect from a class setting. I do not want to say anything bad, I am very concerned that many are not up on pointe. Maybe this is normal. I would really appreciate some advice. I would be happy for some expert advice on many questions. Please help me. Thank you for your help.

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Congratulations on your posting! And welcome to BT4D. :dry: I am sure you will find our community of great interest. :thumbsup: Take a look around to become familiar with the various things we have to offer.


In second year pointe, all must be up on pointe or they should not be in that class. :innocent: There is a difference from someone taking a pointe class for the second year and someone being in a 2nd year pointe class. :blushing: I am wearing quite a few hats here (all but parent of a dance student), there are different scenerios, but in the end, one can stand on pointe and continue to grow and develope or one cannot. Both require teaching but not in the same class. :ermm:

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Kinnor - Are you saying that there are other 11 year olds in your daughter's class who don't yet have their pointe shoes because they are not yet ready for pointe? If that is the case, that is perfectly normal, since not all children are ready to go en pointe at the same time, and your daughter's teachers are being careful in selecting who is and who is not yet ready. If you're saying that all the girls in your daughter's class have pointe shoes, but they do not all have the technique to actually get up en pointe yet, that is a whole different story! It is not unusual at all for 11 year old girls to not yet be ready for pointe, but it does them no favors to put them en pointe when they are not ready.

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