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I started at a new studio about a month ago, and their floor is very different from what I was used to at my old studio. I just can't manage to do any proper échappés anymore. My old studio had an extremely slippery floor, so much that it was kind of dangerous (My modern teacher there let us run around the studio to warm up.. Glad I survived.) Now this new studio has a 'normal' floor, anyway it's designed to dance on (the other one wasn't), but usually on the échappés one of my feet (or both) stays behind.. I thought I'd adapt quickly, but now I've had 4 pointe classes and today it was exactly the same as the first class, I'm getting quite frustrated about it.

I also have new pointe shoes since I started there, but I don't think those could be the reason.


Are there any ways of making your shoes 'slip' a bit more? Or should I just keep trying and learn to do decent échappés from the beginning again?


Thank you. :ermm:

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This topic has been moved because it is a technique question rather than a pointe shoe topic, I believe. :ermm: Assuming you are wearing pointe shoes that have satin tips, it will take time to adjust to this "normal" floor. By normal, do you mean with a covering (a plastic type material) rather than wooden?


It is common when there are floor changes that techincal aspects of dance may need some changing. Make sure you are doing demi plie with the weight equally on both feet. Generally, if the demi plie is not equally distributed the echappe will be a bit lopsided. :innocent:

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I'm confused about this problem, Lidewij. An échappé on pointe should not be a problem on a sticky floor, as all you have to do is a slight spring from the demi plié and move both feet at the same time. The floor should not be a problem unless it is too slippery! :shrug:

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I thought it was a bit strange as well, but I'll just have to adapt to the new floor, I guess.

It is a plastic kind of floor, yes, but the other one also was some kind of plastic (I think it was linoleum?)


Thank you. :shrug:

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