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First partnering class!


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Saturday DS1 had his first partnering class. He was working with the High School girls. DD was not looking forward to having DS1 in her class but she said he did pretty good for his first class. She said he really worked hard. He's pleased. He said it was odd being taller than some of the girls he was shorter than this time last year. He also said it is a lot harder than he thought it was. DD said the did mostly transition movements. DS said he didn't realize how difficult it would be just to walk around a girl while she was on pointe. He's happy for the challenge. It will be a while of course before he does any lifting, but he's excited about this current new challenge.

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Guest MasterPuppeteer

That's awesome! WTG for him! Thanks for sharing his triumph with us and tell him we here at BT4D are rooting for him to kick butt! (Or lift butt, as the case may be.) ;-)

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Is WTG=Way To Go (a congratulatory statement for those for whom English is a second language)???


I guess I'm just not up on all the web abbreviations yet. :wacko::blink: Pass the Geritol Major!! :clover::lol::P

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Hahaha!!!! That's ok! It's just that some of our members are non-English- (or American) speaking, and I figure if I'm having problems with it, and I was born and raised in Ohio, then I'd imagine there might be others who are not sure as well. :)

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