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Nadia Nerina

Mel Johnson

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Very cool that she ticked off Nureyev!!

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:D:thumbsup: It was very sad to hear about Nadia Nerina's death, but she lived to a good age.

She was one of the Ballerina's I got to know quite well, both at the ROH and on tour. I often had to help her with quick changes and she was always so grateful. Whats more she was a very friendly perrson, and we would chat at length on many occasions, she had two Siamese Cats, which she was very fond of, and always had something to tell me, about what they had been up to. In return I would tell her about my Dogs. I felt very happy , after she retired, when it was annouced in the press that she was expecting a child, (something we had both disgussed) but so sad when it was reported that she had lost her baby. She had often said her Cats were like a family. I do not think I am talking out of turn, as it was made public at the time. Bless her may she rest in peace.

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:D Very sorry for your loss, Nanarina.


How wonderful though that you knew her..... :thumbsup:

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So sad to say goodbye to another of my childhood icons. I particularly remember her in Firebird. A film of of it was made - for BBC TV I believe. An excerpt was shown recently, can't remember in what context, but it reaffirmed how brilliant she was.

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I found some pictures of her online, and she looked so beautiful! That is so cool how she did the 32 entrechat six! Imagine the strength that took!!!!!

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Nerina was one of my favourites too. I particularly remember her Rose Adagio in Beauty - her balances were amazing!

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I saw her perfom Lisa in La Fille Mal Gardee when I was a child. I believe her partner was David Blair. She really was a beauty of the ballet world. I feel very fortunate to have seen her dance in person, it truly was a golden age for ballet.

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