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Achilles Tendon Trouble


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I am having some pain in my right achilles, and i do not know what it is. Sometimes it goes stiff, and then pops but it does this fairly often. It is a little swolen. It has gotten to where when i pointe my foot there is a pinching feeling on the lower part of my tendon. It is also a little bothersom when i am on pointe. I do not want to tell anyone because i do not want to have to take a break from ballet. I do 25 hours a week, so is it possible that ot could be from overuse. I would really like it is i could get some advise. Thanks

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Annelise, you are not going to like the advice. Sorry, but tendonitis is not going to go away if you continue to put the stress on it that caused it in the first place. First, stop dancing. Second, use ice on it frequently until you can get in to see your doctor. Find an Orthopedic doctor who has worked with dancers. Third, do what the doctor says! He will probably give you an anti-inflammatory drug and tell you to stay off for a certain amount of time. During that time you will need to rest it as much as possible, and do not try to pointe it every five minutes to see if it is better yet!


Achilles tendon problems are caused by overuse, and it doesn't heal itself as long as the overuse continues. Go to classes and watch and take notes. You can learn a lot that way. Yes, it's frustrating, but, it happens. You will get over it and if you make the time off productive it will not be that bad. :)

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I know I'm not a doctor, but I had the same thing happen to me a few years ago. It turned out that it was not tendonitis, but I had grown about 3 inches recently, so my tendons had not caught up to the rest of my body growth. This made them very tight and led to the pinching and popping. I went and saw a doctor and then he recommended a physical therapist. If yours is for sure tendonitis though, that's a whole other story, and Miss Leigh's advice is perfect. :) I hope your achilles feel better soon!

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This may help in the future for you when your achilles gets better. I learned this at an intensive and my teacher teaches it to many girls that have achilles pain. Sitting down, take whatever foot hurts and lift it up off the ground with no pressure on it, and with a free hand place your thumb on one side of your lower achilles and the rest of your fingers on the other and press upwards (make sure the foot is relaxed). For many of my classmates this also helps deepen demi plies. Hope this helps, and your achilles gets better!

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Let's get a diagnosis on this injury before we start trying to help, kids. Annelise, let us know what the doctor has to say about this, okay?

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