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Flesh colored ballet slippers


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I am in a contemporary ballet piece in my universities fall dance concert and we are not wearing any tights in the piece. The choreographer wants us all to have ballet slippers that match our skin tones. I am pretty fair-skinned and I don't know which brand/color will match my skin the best. Some of my classmates have the sansha canvas ballet slippers in the flesh color and that is a little too dark for my skintone by probably a couple of shades. Does anyone know any ballet slippers that come in a color that would probably match my skin? Would I be better off dying a pair and if so with what kind of dye? Thank you for any help!

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Being red-haired, blue-eyed, and of irish/scottish decent, I'm willing to bet I'm just as if not fairer than you. That being said, I use Fuzi's tan canvas shoes and they are a close enough match, especially after being run through the washer once or twice. Order them online since there's some conspiracy out there for no brick-and-mortar retailer to carry them in-store...

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