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Confused about 1st position?


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So I have been having major issues with my technique, and my teacher made a huge correction last week.


She told me that "my natural" first position is where my groin through knee inner leg region touches, but my calves and ankles stay around and inch apart? It just didn't look right to me, at all. She said that if i brought the bottom of my legs together, I would be over-crossing. (Sorry for the strange description!!!!!)


Also, another strange question.

I feel uneven when I plié in fourth. I feel as if my front leg is lower?It actually happens in most of my pliés, I just feel unbalanced, and I have tried correcting it many times to no avail! Could it be due to a longer leg?


Thanks so much, and sorry about the lengthiness that I always seem to have.

I tend to ramble, as I am doing at the moment. Whoops!

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It sounds to me like your teacher is saying you need a tiny space between your heels in first position in order to keep your legs straight and not have them overlap. This could be due to hyperextension. If so, then a very small space is okay in many schools, although some do not approve of it. The problem is not to exaggerate the space, as that will lead you to push back into the hyperextension, which is not a good thing.


As for the imbalance in the pliés, that could be due to not having your weight equalized, or, not using the same degree of rotation with both legs. We can't tell you that without seeing it, so that has to be your teacher's job.

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Yes, you certainly are hyperextended. :( I would try to bring that space in a bit more, if you can. It looks to me like, if you are really placed well, that you might be able to for less than that amount of space. :offtopic:

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mine looks a bit like DanaD's, except my knees touch and thats IT for the rest. My calves don't touch!


Thanks for your help, Ms. Leigh!

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nycb2b, please stop posting and start reading. We have have a lot of rules on Ballet Talk for Dancers. I just explained a couple of them following your post about taking enough classes.


We do not use text speak here, and I explained that for you too.

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I have a space about 1 inch or so, and when I'm doing that hamstring stretch on the floor when you bend forward and grab your knees, my heels come off the floor if I straighten my knees all the way. Does this mean I'm hyperextended?


This is random, but my arms are very hyperextended! :D

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Possibly, but you should not have to bend forward. Just sit with legs straight out and flex your feet. If the heels pop off the floor, there is probably some degree of hyperextention, unless the calf muscles are quite large. :D

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Yes, you certainly are hyperextended. :thumbsup: I would try to bring that space in a bit more, if you can. It looks to me like, if you are really placed well, that you might be able to for less than that amount of space. :D


Actually, that IS me bringing my space in a bit! :blushing: Usually the space, if I just let my legs go, would be about 4 inches. :shrug:

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I think I am very slightly hyperextended, but I am able to make my heels touch in first position. It feels natural for my heels to be just a tiny little bit apart. Should I keep my heels together, since I'm able to, or should I let them seperate a little because it's a more natural position?


When I'm wearing pointe shoes but standing on flat, my heels tend to be farther apart in first position than they are in ballet slippers. Is there a reason for that?

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