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I was wondering if any of you, 13-16, choreograph your own dances. I don't mean take what someone else gave you and change something, I mean really feel it- come up with your own motions, choose your own song. Anyone? Choreography is my passion. I love it.

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Well, if you're interested in getting a chance to choreograph on other students, you may want to look into PBT for next summer. They have student choreography and its a really fun opportunity if its what you really enjoy doing. Kids did classical pieces, pas, modern, and contemporary ballet. The show was really well done. And to answer your question yes I choreograph. =)

I'd love to get the chance to do it for a major company someday.

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Dancer2010, I'm surprised at you. You've been here long enough to know that Young Dancers' questions get answered by the moderator/teachers first, then supplementary material can come on, but the mods have the first privilege of advice.


R.B., many people here choreograph, including me. Would you like me to move this thread to Cross Talk, where everybody can answer?

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Thanks, Major Mel, but I was really only targeting young dancers. If you'd like, we can move it, but that wasn't my intended purpose.

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OK, R.B., this is Buddy Board material, but since you haven't been onboard long enough, or have sufficient substantive posts (30) to be admitted there, I think we can give you a little leeway here. Under normal circumstances, advice on Young Dancers is limited to the teacher-moderators. Anyone in the age group Young Dancers 13-16, okay, now you can post to this thread with your experiences.

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Oh yes! I have it every week! It is so much fun! Last year, i was a first year, so we had to learn everything about choreography and this year we get to take dancers and make a small movement study with no music. For our exam at the end of the year, we get to pick out music and use as many dancers as we want. I use to not like this class because its kinda nerve racking with all the people watching you and showing your work, but it made my choreography way better!

And now I love it!

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Welcome Mariinsky to Ballet Talk for Dancers. Please take a moment to introduce yourself in the Welcome Forum so we may learn a little bit more about you. Without giving too much personal information, it will be great fun to hear of your experiences as a student of ballet in Russia. Studying choreography in second year/course must be a new addition to the program of study in a Russian state school. :P

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