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Ballet shoes?


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Today my friend and I were talking about ballet shoes at lunch, and we were wondering if there is a certain material that is sturdier or cleaner than others.


My ballet teachers wears canvas, but I've always been advised to wear leather. I don't particularly enjoy the feel of leather, but would canvas be better?


Basically, what would you advise to be the most comfortable material?

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That is an individual matter, R.B. Many dancers prefer canvas, and some prefer leather. Unless your school has a rule about which kind you wear, then it is up to you. You will need to try both and see which you like better.

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I know a lot of people who don't like leather because they feel like they can't turn. It probably depends on the floors that you are dancing on because canvas tend to be more slippery than leather.

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I personally wear canvas shoes and think they are more comfortable but I've been wearing them for years so I may just be more comfortable in them. The downside is they get a lot dirtier a lot faster than leather shoes.

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