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Pronunciation clarification please.......


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As Nutcracker approaches and rehearsals have ensued, I hear over and over again the part of Petite Fleur pronounced, "peduh floor". I took francais for many years, many years ago, but from what I recall, the correct pronunciation would be "peteet fleur". Is it pronounced differently in different parts of the country or is my recollection off?



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Sounds to me like someone is just mispronouncing it. Your recollection is more correct, I'm pretty sure, even though I am not an expert in French. :shrug: Oh! Just noticed you are from Texas....no wonder! :wink: They pronounce everything a bit differently! :D ( They do here in Georgia, too.)

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I would pronounce it 'puh-teet flur', I lived in France a few years ago and reckon that is about right but it's probably pronounced slightly differently in various parts of the country.

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CDR, I read peteet fleur to be pronounced the same as puh-teet flur. You just made it more clearer, though. :shrug:

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I can understand that, which is why yours works better. :shrug: It's just that I know how to pronounce it, I think, so I just read the way I know it sounds! :D

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Maybe I'm not supposed to post here because it is in the Parents of Dancers under 13, however... having studied french for many years, and working on & off in Quebec (although Quebec pronunciation will be different than France or Parisien)...

petite = emphasis on second syllable. the first "e" is short but is more like in "but" than in "pet". the "tite" is pronounced like a long "e" and the t at the end is lightly said. So the "peteet" is close as long as it is a short "e" in the first syllable.

Fleur is more difficult to explain, but it is close to flur as long as the "u" is short as in "us".


Now, the term "petit four" (singular) or "petits fours", if said very quickly with poor pronunciation, will sound like "peddi fours" - closer to what Jewels orginally posted.


If you search online, you should be able to find a french dictionary site with pronunciation and sound bites of the word

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Thanks everyone! I know my memory fails me from time to time, but I'm glad I remembered my francais! I want to teach my daughter the correct pronounciation, especially since one of her parts is a Petite Fleur. We are the only ones that pronounce it as it should be. But as Victoria Leigh said, things are pronounced a bit differently in Texas! :)


Thanks Y'ALL!

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Knock, knock. Fleur is a feminine noun, so yes, petiteS fleurs would be correct in the plural. And you would not pronounce the s at the end of either word.

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