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Ballets: Grete's Dreams Come True

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The Artistic Director has asked me if I can find any information on a ballet she saw on TV.


The information she gave me was "Grete's Dreams Come True" Vienna Opera Ballet, music by Strauss.


I searched the inernet and came up with the following: Aschenbrödel


Does anyone have any information on this, are they the same ballet?

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That latter is a version of "Cinderella". It's the only dedicated ballet score composed by Johann Strauss, Jr.

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I knew that Aschenbrödel was a version of Cinderella, but I'm trying to make a connection to the Grete's wish come true.


I know that there is a dream sequence in Aschenbrödel about a wish and the main characters name is Grete. They are also both composed b y Strauss. I just don't want to purchase the DVD if they are not the same ballet

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Speaking as a historian, you have enough evidence now to purchase the recording, and the worst you will get is something by Johann Strauss, so how bad can that be?

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Thanks for the info. I just talk to the director and she confirmed that it was a version of cinderella. That info would have cleared up the confusion earlier.............


I found the video on amazon

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And remember, if you buy it through the link on our masthead, we get a tiny finder's fee for each purchase made! :wink:

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