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Am I getting enough training?


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I have ballet and pointe on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I have Nutcracker rehearsals on Saturdays and Sundays. Tuesday and Thursday classes are an hour and a half ballet, then an hour of pointe. Wednesday I demonstrate a class and then have class for an hour and a half on flat or sometimes pointe. Fridays I have a private class for 30 minutes. After privates sometimes "Dew Drop" is scheduled, with my partner. I am 13 years old. Is this enough training or is it too much? Also, is this enough training to get into a pre-pro company such as, American Ballet Theatre or the School of American Ballet?

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I would like to see a regular class on the schedule for Saturday, since just rehearsal without class is not great, and you only have a 30 minute class on Friday. Hard to do anything in 30 minutes unless you are doing a full barre by yourself first. After Nutcracker is over you could add a Monday class, if you won't be rehearsing on Sundays.


ABT and SAB do not have pre-pro companies. ABT has a second company, ABTII, but they are considered professionals, not students. SAB does not have second company.

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Well, I meant like summer intensives, but thanks. Would you consider taking a monday class at another studio since there is no ballet class for my level on Mondays. Mondays are younger kids.

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Well, since you got accepted to SAB and went to Joffrey and ABT this past summer, I will have to assume that you are getting enough training, or at least you were when you auditioned last year. This year you will be a bit older, and more will be expected.


If you can take a class at another school with your teachers permission, then it would okay, after Nutcracker. Right now it appears to be your only day off, and we do not believe in dancing 7 days a week.

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