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When I do tendues to the back I feel like I am not doing them right. Especially when we do rond de jambe en dedan. I feel like I'm twisting my body but when I think too much about the leg I'm not worried about the upper part of my body and I start turning towards the leg a bit. It just started being a problem a few weeks ago. What can I do to fix this?

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Lynn, if you feel like you are twisting your body, you probably are. You really need to understand that you have to be able to maintain your placement in all exercises, and that it is quite possible to do that and think about the working leg as well. In fact, it is necessary. Remember that the main difficulty is the rotation, and that the rotation is achieved by working one leg against the other one. This not only makes the rotation work, but increases the stability of your center when you are doing it correctly.


When you are working your right leg in a tendu, rond de jambe, etc., think of keeping the standing leg working in opposition to the working leg, and be sure you know exactly where the tendu goes. Do not over or under cross it in the back. Right leg behind right shoulder in tendu, not crossed over to center of body, or left outside of the line from the shoulder.

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I actually think I am leaning back a little when I do them to the back and I transfer the weight between them a bit.

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Not good! Leaning anywhere is not good, and having your weight back even a bit will prevent anything from working correctly.

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