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I have written to the editor of Pointe magazine asking if it would be possible for them to have larger photos in their magazine or possibly a poster page. She replied!!! And said that she would see what she could do and if she could manage to fit something in who we would like to see. So I'm compiling a short list of dancers please post your favourite dancers and then I will add them to the list I will send to her!!!


So far:


Svetlana Zakhrova

Polina Semoinova

Alina Somova

Diana Vishneva

Zhong Ying Fang

Yuan Yuan Tan

Julie Kent

Paloma Herrera

Jose Manuel Carreno

Angel Corella

Guilame Cote

Chan Hon Goh

Erica Cornejo, Larissa Ponomarenko, Lorna Feijoo, and Alina Cojocaru

... this is pretty limited so I'd appreciate anybodies input. I think it would be really cool to have reasonable quality posters of them to hang up in our dance lockers, rooms e.t.c!!!

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This thread Favorite dancers might be of help!


And since we already have such a thread, I am closing this one. :shrug:

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