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Our company has posted a list of the new Junior and Senior Apprentices. My daughter is 12 and was named a Junior Apprentice, but I am not quite sure what this means. I do know that very few were selected and we consider it to be an honor, but is this a prerequisite for certain parts? I know there have been dancers that were never apprentices, yet had leading parts, so that has left me a little confused as to what it really means.

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Jewels, this is a school "company", and these are different in every school all over the country! The only way to know what it means in your daughter's school is to ask the Director. Or, perhaps it is explained in their brochure or company acceptance literature, if there is any. Some of them have some form of agreement that the parents have to sign. Usually these company ranks are just a way of designating levels in the schools' performing group.

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Shoot, even in terms of the professional companies, the designation "apprentice" doesn't mean the same thing from one company to the next. Kinda like the hairdresser: "Only your [director] knows for sure. :D

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