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Help with Stirrup Tights!


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I love wearing black stirrup tights to my ballet classes. And one of my teachers wears them, but she has cut the stirrup farther up in the back so that it makes the leg long and lean looking. When the stirrup fits tightly over the shoe, I think it doesn't look as pretty. Maybe it's just me :lol:


I asked her how she was able to cut the tights without it running all to pieces, and she said she bought "nylon seamed stirrup tights". She said the nylon won't run when they are cut.


I've been all over the internet but have not found them anywhere. Hoping someone here may have a suggestion?? Either where to find the tights or how to make the stirrup longer so it shows more skin in the back.


She made it sound like they were available everywhere. I'm hoping someone has seen them! Thanks to all! :D

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, poptart90, and to the special sections for Adult Dancers.


I've moved your post here to the Buddy Board, as it's more likely to get some answers. I'm not in the US so I don't know the best places to help you -- but our adult dancers are very knowledgeable & resourceful, and I'm sure you'll get some help over the next couple of days!

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Well, I'm not sure how far up you want the stirrup part to extend but it seems to me that my Primasoft stirrup tights don't hug my shoe, but rather extend a bit higher up. I like Primasoft in general, since they don't give me that yucky cinched waist feeling that other tights sometimes do. I think you can get Primasoft from Discount Dance and Dance Distributors.

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