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Auditioning for the Royal Winnipeg ballet soon! I am NERVOUS


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Has anyone ever audtioned for RWB before? This will be my first audition ever and I am terribly nervous. I am also auditioning for National Ballet in Toronto. Any advice?


:D madeleine

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Madeleine, auditions are just classes from teachers you haven't studied with before. Think of it that way, and relax as much as possible. That will help you.

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I haven't auditioned for Royal Winnipeg, but I have auditioned for other schools. Here's what I always do:


-Get a good night's sleep

-Eat breakfast

-Wear my most flattering leotard

-and make sure that I come in early enough to fill out my paperwork and warm up.


Remember what Major Johnson said, and you'll do great! Merde!

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If you mess something up because the nerves get the better of you, you'll be soooo annoyed later!!!

Try thinking about 'how to do this well' and not 'I'm SO nervous!!!!' :)


Enjoy and good luck!!! :thumbsup:


little_dancer123 x

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Yes, I auditioned for the Royal Winnipeg when I was eleven ! I did get in! My advice, is to be relaxed, warmed up and have a good mind set! :yes:

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From what I have learned at pageant classes ( yes, I suppose this could be related...), if you mess up, just act like you didn't notice it. Don't let it show on your face. I'm sure that if the person in charge of the auditions notices, then they will think highly of the fact that the mistake didn't ruin your performance!!! Good luck!


(P.S. If the audition is already over, I hope you did well, and got accepted!)

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I just thought I might add that if you feel like you've completely screwed up and there's no way you'll get in, just relax. Now you've just got an excellent class to take, and it's really easier once your not so worried about getting in. Good luck. :lol:

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