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Dance Injuries to dd


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I need some advice. My DD seems to be getting injured a great deal the last two weeks. She slipped in class on some water and messed up her back. I was wondering if you thought I should take her to a chiropractor. Also, a week ago she has a spot on her right foot on the top that is hurting her or aggravating her. I think that it is tendonitus. I am taking her to the doctor tomorrow. DD is not a complainer, but I am worried that she might do some permanent damage. If she is going thorough a growth spurt, do you think this could be some of the cause? If so, does anyone think that pilates/yoga classes would help? :D

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Slipping on water could happen to anyone, so I would not consider that in terms getting injured a great deal. If her back is hurting, have that checked by the doctor, preferably an othopedic doctor. With the foot, it could be overuse or many other things, so having that checked tomorrow is a very good idea. I do not recommend chirpractic. Pilates is always good, and many people swear by yoga. But I don't think the current situation warrants any undue concern. Lots of little things can go wrong during growth spurts.

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Mrs. Leigh, thank you so much for your response. This is what I was thinking. I was only thinking that yoga/pilates would help strengthen her as she has these growth spurts. She will be 11 in December and I believe she injured her foot while on pointe last week. So off to the doctor tomorrow we go.

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Yike :D


She's ten, and on pointe already? That's part of the answer right there. It's a matter not only of technique, but of strength for a student to start pointe. While it may seem all a matter of feet and legs, pointework requires a more mature torso in order to be done safely. Strength through the back is essential. Best to cut out the pointe until she's at least twelve.

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