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HI, my name is yashly and about a month ago i signed up for ballet classes once a week, just for fun. I really love it and was wondering if it was wayy to late for me to ever dance on a proffessional level, how much training it would require if possible and how much lessons would cost(approximatley)

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Hello Yashly, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :D


Those are really very difficult questions to answer, since we cannot see you and know what kind of potential you have for ballet. We don't even know how old you are, except that you must be somewhere between 13 and 16, since you posted on this forum.


A career in ballet usually starts with very early training, but, there have been exceptions, though they are rare. The quality and quantity of training is just as important as the physical facility and talent. You will need to get opinions from your teachers about this.


When you get beyond the beginner stage, you will need daily classes in technique and pointe. I have no idea of the cost, since that varies a lot, depending on where you live and the school you attend. But I can tell you that it is expensive. Very expensive.

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