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What company would you dance with?


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If I could dance with any company in North America, which is where I live & comprises most of the companies that I know about, I would dance with.....Joffrey Ballet or Hubbard Street Dance Chicago.....I've gotten to see both of these companies perform, loved their choreography, and think I'd have fun dancing their repertoire. I don't think I would actually have a chance with either one but its a dream, not reality!!


I saw some live dance this weekend-Polaris Dance Theater-every time I see a new company I daydream about whether I would want to dance for them or not, whether I could physically do their choreography, etc.


So, who would you dance with? :P


We're adults but we can still dream! :D

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I would dance for that all romantic/ classical works company- I can't remember their name. The Cuban Classical Ballet in S. Florida as well. Morphoses, for sure! Thanks for the fun topic! Outside of N. America I would dance for the Danes, at the Kirov, and learn repetoire from the ballet master for the Trocks, because they can really dance (too bad I can't camp around with them- it looks fun)!

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I would love to be a member of Ballet Deviare (mostly because they are always dancing with my favorite bands) or Bolshoi. Yes I know; two companies at the extreme ends but I do not like what's in the middle (I mean companies that are half contemporary half classical).

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I'd love to dance for Zurich (would be very close to my hometown) and I love Spoerli's choreographies. And I'd also like the Bolshoi.

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I'd love to try and learn some of Alonzo King's choreography. But it looks incredibly difficult.


I've never learned any Balanchine, and I was a big fan of NYCB when I lived in New York. Guess my dream company would be New York City Ballet. I'd kill to perform 4T's and ballets like that:) My body doesn't move that fast though. I'm having trouble keeping up with the music for the Spanish variation in Nutcracker. LOL!!

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I think I would like to be either in NYCB or ABT. I was a teenager and went to one of the ABT's summer schools in NY, the last sessions to be held in their old building, before it was condemned and they had to go elsewhere. It was an experience to remember! :-)

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