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what skills do i have to have


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Hi, I´m wondering what skills do i have to have to become a advanced dancer?

I´m currently a new beginner and i have been that for almost 2 years.

My teacher however thinks i have made progress beacuse she´s moved me

in the first line that means i´m faced the wall when i dance and everyone else does watch me.

She sometimes got this surprising look on her face when she´s watching me dance

and she does use me as a demonstration dancer which she never has done before :P

But she dosen´t say anything to me about my progress.

Could you please help me :D

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I'm curious about that as well. Are there generally agreed upon milestones, gains in technique, etc. that mark the transitions from, say, beginner to advanced beginner, to intermediate and beyond? Would they be the same for children as well as for adults?

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I would tell the beginning adult student not to worry so much about “levels” at a school, or even progress goals for that matter. Yes, I know when you begin an activity like ballet you are eager for signs of progress and encouragement that validates your belonging to the adult ballet world. But in the long run, I don’t think they are as important as finding just exactly what you like about class and what keeps you coming back.


My sense is that terms like intermediate and advanced means different things at different schools and for different people. I know some people who have danced for 2-3 years and remain in one beginner class at my school simply because the teacher is outstanding. They are fully capable of taking a more difficult class but they find their enjoyment in class with that teacher. I know some people who shall we say tend toward “klutziness,” yet take class with professionals. When I was taking so-called intermediate classes, I remember one professional dancer in the class almost every week. Such is the world of adult or open classes.


Adults don’t dance like younger folk. Some things they learn faster. Other things they learn slower. Don’t use them to make comparisons.


As far as skill is concerned, in dance I’m not sure there is such a thing as mastering a step or movement. A tendu is a simple movement, but you can always make it better. My advice with respect to skill is to listen carefully to your teachers, and work on those things that he or she talks about in class. Practice those things outside of class too. A lot.


As far as progress is concerned, I swear that if you persist and are patient you will make progress no matter who you are. The ultimate level of skill you reach will be determined largely by your talent level and the amount of time you spend doing ballet (class and practice). You cannot change or affect your talent level. It is what it is. The only thing you can affect is the time, effort, and energy you put into ballet, which requires you finding your motivation in class.

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dobby, you asked a similar question a little while ago about "learning the basics." There were quite a few good answers & discussions on that, which I think would still be pertinent for your next question. Here it is:


How long do I have to dance the basics?

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