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Adeline Pastor


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So true Shulie but a ballet teacher/ex-professional dancer told me years ago that a decision would have to be made by a lot of dancers. Would they rather dance in the corp of a large company for years hoping to move up or do they want the solo roles that come with the smaller company? Because a ballet career can be short, for some dancers the answer to this is a no brainer.

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Let me correct - she went to Cuba National Ballet School after her private training, not to Cannes. Cuban Ballet prefers a muscular body type in their classical dancers. :) Very different culture and one can clearly see how strongly body image and ideals are linked with the culture of a country.

Cuban girls are perfect turners and jumpers - just like men!


Really personally I`d prefer a principal status in a smaller company than being corps in a bigger one. Ten years ago though I might have thought differently. More prestige, even if you are in the corps.

And between 17 and 19 is the age range where a classical dancer usually has to make decisions about her career planning.

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Ms Pastor is a very well trained dancer, doing what she does best. She does not have a future in a major ballet company, inspite of her ability to balance and turn. As for jumping, maybe she was off the other night as her jump was average. I must say however that the stage was extremely hard. Even R. Sarabia did not jump in his usually fantastic way.


I am not meaning to deny Ms. Pastor the kudos for what she has achieved and deserves only to say that her physical portions and athletic style of movement is not what is currently achieving high status in American ballet companies.

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Well personally I think it's always more satisfying artistically to be a big fish in a small pond. I have had far more opportunities here as a teacher and as a professional character artist than I would have ever have done in the UK. I am the same person with the same talent, but in the UK I am one of many with the same qualifications and abilities - here I am fairly unique. I feel that I have been able to contribute here to the small ballet world and this has given me great pleasure. Also, when I danced in a ballet company in Germany, I got far more to dance because it was a smaller company. Of course it's prestigious to be in one of the top notch companies, but it may be that because of it someone will be stuck in the corps all their career, or as a soloist have to compete with numerous other soloists for performances. I am very glad for Ms Pastor that she has found her niche and is succeeding there - I am not disappointed in where she is, but that she turned out to be a somewhat different dancer than what I had expected of her.

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Adeline Pastor appears to have very long arms, I wonder how she would look doing Taglioni's part in Grand Pas de Quatre?

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