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Long ago when my son went to college (Texas A&M) I remember reading through the college catalog just for the fun of it. Perhaps because I am originally from the Midwest, I carefully read through the various programs of study in A&M’s agriculture school. I remember finding a major called something like agriculture systems management, which was essentially a mix of liberal arts, specific agriculture area, science and technology, and management. I found it an intriguing course of study (my son had zero interest in agriculture I should also say).


As I read about dance students going to college and their choice of college, it made me wonder if there were schools that offered something similar to the above, but in dance. Such a program might have a quarter of classes each in the areas of liberal arts, dance, non-dance (visual, music, theater) arts, and business. I don’t have a sexy name for such a program, but do wonder if such exists. Anyone know?

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You might have better luck if you look under the title in a college search under arts administration or arts management. My DD is interested in this area and there are some colleges that have these sort of high bred programs. Oklahoma City University has a specific dance management/administration program (can't remember exactly what they call it) but it is not a classical program. I don't have the list of schools my DD is looking at with me here but there are about 6 she is very interested in. Some of her choices also include theatre management.

But if you can send me a PM I can dig up the list that she has. Different schools do it in different ways also, some are double majors in the arts and business, some are more of a major minor relationship. I think Point Park will let you do it as an interdisciplinary degree, but we haven't talked with the yet.

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Some universities offer a BFA as well as a BA in dance. You'll find the curriculim for the BA in dance more closely aligns with what you described. University of South Florida comes to mind, as does University of Iowa.

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Having received my dance degree from the University of Iowa but doing my first two years at Butler University's dance program, I would say that Butler's dance degree with a BS in Dance Arts Administration is much more in line with what you describe initially. Here is the link to the curriculum requirements:


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UC-Irvine has a 3-2 program for outstanding School of the Arts majors (Dance, Drama, Music, Studio Art) who are interested in a career in arts management. They can apply to the Graduate School of Management early in their junior year. This program will allow a dancer to complete a Dance B.A and Management M.B.A in five years. UCI Dance graduates have an excellent record of placement in the many fields of dance.

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Purchase College in NY has an Arts Management major. Many of the current students have a dance background. While it does require some studio coursework, the curriculum isn't designed just for dancers - the "studio" work can also be in music, art, theater, etc.


I believe NYU offers a Master's in Arts Management as well. I'm not sure how dance-focused it is.


My own alma mater, Radford University (in VA) has three tracks for dancers - BA, BFA, and BS. I chose BS because I wanted the freedom to take more courses outside the major, and it allowed the most flexibility. I supplemented my degree with a lot of science and kinesiology courses, as my original plan was to go into dance medicine (that plan changed, but I'm still grateful for my education!). Radford also has strong business programs, so I could see how someone interested in more management aspects could design their own "arts management" field. The link for the RU program is http://dance.asp.radford.edu/.

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