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The Complete Private Messenger AKA "PMing"


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Your email address is hidden to prevent you from receiving spam and to protect your privacy. We do not allow anyone under 18 to post his or her email address on the open forums. (They may be posted on the Buddy Board only.) Anyone who is over 18 is welcome to post their email address if appropriate and remove it as soon as it is no longer needed.

However, because we know that board members may wish to communicate with other board members, we have a Private Messaging system. If you're a full member of the board (not a New Member, but have 30 posts and have been a member for at least 14 days) you can use the private messaging system. You can tell how many posts you have by looking in your Profile, or under your name on any post you have made on the board.

PM privileges are activated automatically when you have reached 30 posts.


We've raised the number of private messages you can store to 50! You can send as many as you like, but you cannot keep more than 50 in your PM box.

Anyone who is NOT getting notification of something they think they should be getting notification of -- check to see if you have a Pop Up Manager and if it's set to block pop up messages. (If you want to get notifications from our board, you'll have to turn that off, or perhaps there's an option to say "do not block messages from this site" and you can enter or select Ballet Talk for Dancers.)


Keep your inbox below 50 messages:

If you have more than 50 messages, no one will be able to send you a PM. You will get an email notification that you have to clean out your box. This includes messages in your in box, your sent folder and any storage folders you may create. .To make sure you always have enough space, it's probably best to delete PMs after you've read them. If there are some that you wish to keep, you can also download the messages to your computer.

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When you first register at the site, you're a New Member, and remain so until you've made 30 substantive posts and have been here at least 2 weeks. The point of this is that, before someone can become a full Member, with all Member privileges, we want to be sure we know who you are, and we can pretty much tell within the first 30 posts whether someone is really interested in discussing ballet, or is here for another purpose.

A New Member can reply to posts, make new topics, edit your own posts, and vote in polls.

 A full Member can:

1. Send private messages (to those eligible to receive them).

2. View member profiles. (We don't want people to register just so they can check out member profiles and try to find out information about you.)

3. Post new polls.

4. Send email messages to other full members, if the person has elected to allow this. (Remember:  Adult Members are not permitted to contact Young Dancer members directly ever for any reason)

5. In addition, Teen Members ( 13 TO 18 ONLY!) can post on the teen Buddy Board (a secure, private forum for teens) after admission.

Only Moderators and Administrators are able to delete or move posts.

No one's email address is visible, and no one except the Administrators can view members' email addresses.

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Private messaging is a privilege that Ballet Talk offers to our members, but it is not a "Chat Forum". Please keep in mind that if it is abused, and used for chat, that the privilege can easily go away. It is a convenient tool for contacting someone on the board, but it does use bandwidth, which we have to pay for. So, for continued conversations please go to email, phone, or instant messages on your server.

Teens, once you have this privilege, and contact someone, please exchange email address or instant message names, and use the PM feature sparingly.

The Moderating Team reserves the right to reset post numbers on any member who appears to post simply to gain access to the PM system.  Members who gain access should have 30+ substantive post, this means you discuss, share and interact not just put out one or two word posts to hit a certain number.  


Thank you! :thumbsup:

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