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Books: Whoopi Goldberg's new fiction series

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Seems Whoopi Goldberg has written a (so far) two series book for ages 9-12, the 1st is out called Sugar Plum Ballerinas #1 Plum Fantastic and a version two not released yet is Sugar Plum Ballerinas #2 Toe Shoe Troubles.


Here is the description: Alexandrea Petrakova Johnson does not want to be a beautiful ballerina, and she does not want to leave her friends in Apple Creek. Unfortunately, that doesn't stop her ballet-crazy mother from moving them to Harlem, or from enrolling Alex at the Nutcracker School of Ballet.

Life is hard when you're the new ballerina on the block, and it's even harder when you're chosen to be the Sugar Plum Fairy in the school recital! Not only is Al a terrible dancer, but she's also got a rotten case of stage fright! Al's ballet classmates are going to have to use all the plum power they've got to coach this scary fairy!


From the interview I saw, I'm not sure it will continue to be a ballet oriented series but one that will follow the ups and downs of all the activities that children find themselves enrolled in during youth. I really like Whoopi, will have to look to see if she has a dance background at all. But, if written with her humor, it should be a fun read.

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Um...........hmmmmmmmmmm..... (Clara scratches her head in confusion). :)


I guess I will have to wait to see what direction the story goes....but you're right, knowing Whoopi, it will probably be hilarious!!!

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Here's a link to an article in which she details why she wrote the book, and that there is a contract for 6.


whoopi article


and another here: article 2


One bio online refers to ballet and music as a child along with her theatre experience as a child. You learn something new everyday!

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As soon as I saw the name "Johnson", I realized that she was drawing from her own and family resources for situation material. Remember, she's Caryn Johnson.

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Yes, many of the characters in the story are named and have the personalities of family members. Apparently her grandson will make an entrance in the 2nd book.

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Thanks Caliope. I sounds like fun! At least the costumer in me is laughing hysterically.

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