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Books: Inside Ballet Technique

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I've just finished this excellent book, and have learned so much about the "how's" and "why's" of ballet technique. I love being able to understand and apply concrete, anatomical concepts to otherwise ephemeral classroom traditions. I was hoping someone could recommend another book such as this one, going in the same vain as merging the science with the art. Specifically, I enjoyed the author's straight-forward style that stayed grounded in the facts and didn't fly off into "dance dream land" like a few modern dance books I had to read back in school. I also enjoyed that she provided both the vernacular names for the parts of the body, as well as the anatomical classifications, and explained the concepts in an understandable fashion with a balletic perspective. It was extremely useful as well since, like she says, many of her concepts are known to pro ballet dancers, but were discovered through years of trial and error, but for those of us who are catching-up late starters, the book serves as a sort of cheat sheet.


So what should my next read be to further uncover the secrets of the ballet class?

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Physics and the Art of Dance: Kenneth Laws

Ballet Technique for the Male Dancer: Nicholai Tarasov

Classical Ballet Technique: Gretchen Ward Warren

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Is it called "Both Sides of the Mirror" by Anna Paskevska??


Or something similar? I read it shortly after the "Inside Ballet Technique" book that you mention, and I found them to support each other well.

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Oooo! excellent ideas! I've read the physics of dance book and highly recommend it as well. The book by tarasov appears to be out of print and the cheapest used copy is +$100 on amazon, so I'll keep looking around for that one...

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