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YAGP Raymonda?


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I was considering doing the Raymonda variation for YAGP this year but I know there is a 2 minute and 30 second limit. The variation from the gand pas is very long, so I was wondering if that falls under the time limit or not. Do you guys know? It is very close.

Also less importantly, is the Les Sylphides penche variation a part of the prelude, waltz 7 or 11, or female mazurka? Those are the only allowable parts of Les Sylphides and I don't know what that means so I don't know if it is or not.


If the Raymonda variation is not allowed, I will see if that Les Sylphides is allowed, or else probably do a pas de quatre variation.


Thank you for any information, I'd like to know asap.

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Cutiepi, if the variation is on the list, then it is not too long. However, is up to your teacher or coach for YAGP to help you in selecting the right variation for you. You will need private coaching to prepare for the regionals, and they start early in the New Year, so if you do not have a coach or a variation yet, I think you need to get on it right away. Are you also planning to do a contemporary variation? If so, you will need someone to choreograph that for you. You need costumes for both variations, and of course lots and lots of rehearsals!

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THank you for your answer. I thought if it was on the list it would be well but I was unsure because it was listed as "grand pas" so I didn't know if the variation from the grand pas was short enough for the variation competition or not. I already know all of the variations I mentioned, and my teacher who will coach me recommended those three from the entire list, but she didn't want to decide completely, so she wanted me to decide somewhat. I am only doing classical variation I believe, and I know it is soon! So if you are sure Raymonda is not too long, then I will likely do that. Thanks again!

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Yes, the "cembalom" variation is the one from the Grand Pas. It's the one that starts with all those bourrées.

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Okay, I checked and the variation is longer than others. It is approximately 2:40. So, I'm not sure why it is on the list, and I would contact them and ask about that if you choose that variation. It is not one that I would dream of cutting, or of speeding up enough to knock off 10 seconds. :shhh:

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Thanks again. I emailed YAGP this morning and they replied:


"Thank you for your interest in the Youth America Grand Prix 10th Anniversary

Season. Both of those variations are acceptable, particularly for the

Regional Semi-Finals, as long as they are only a few seconds, not more than

5, over 2 minutes and 30 seconds requirement. If you are able to

successfully cut a portion of the introduction to trim the time to under 2

minutes and 30 seconds, that would be fine also. Which venue you are you

planning on attending?"


So because my version of the variation music is 2:32, I am thinking I will be ok. That's good, because my teacher and classmates all strongly encourage me to dance the raymonda variation

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Well done, cutiepi! Glad to hear that you have a version that is only 2 seconds too long. They won't penalize that, I don't think. :)

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