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Info about Private Messaging -- please read


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For newcomers:


The Personal Messaging feature of the board is only available to people who have been here at least two weeks, and made 30 posts. Change: After you've made 30 posts, you'll be automatically "promoted" from New Member to Member and be able to begin using PMs. You do not need to notify us.


The 30 post limit is because many people register and never post. In the past, we found that those people were using the PM feature. If there are no posts, we don't really know who you are, and we were afraid people would use the PM feature to get to the teens. Therefore, primarily for their safety, we set a 30 post requirement. In 30 posts, we'll be able to tell whether you're really Wally the Wolf rather than Niceballetmom or Pink Toe Shoe Dancer :(




We've set a limit on how many private messages you can store (50--another change) on the system. You can send as many as you like, but you cannot keep more than 50 in your PM box.


If you have more than 50 messages, no one will be able to send you a PM. You will get an email notification that you have to clean out your box. This includes the messages in your inbox, in your sent folder (see the menu list to the left) and any storage folders you might create.


PLEASE BE SURE TO CLEAR OUT YOUR SENT MESSAGES TOO. These count to your 50 message limit. Or you can click a box when you send the message to NOT store the message in your sent folder.

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Please note three changes with the new software regarding Private Messages (here called Personal Messages).


First, when you've made 30 posts, you will automatically be "promoted" from New Member to Member and be able to send PMs. No need to notify us.


Second, I've raised the number of PMs one can have to 50. This still includes messages in your Sent folders, or any other folders you create.


Third, you'll notice a "thermometer"-type indicator at the top of the PM box that will tell you how full your box is getting -- if it tells you you have 12 messages but you only see 2, look in your Sent folder. See the menu to the left -- click on Sent.


Please remember that we established this forum for On Board Discussions. We have the limit on PMs because we don't want to be a post office for private conversations. We want to encourage OPEN discussions so that everyone may benefit. If suddenly the number of posts takes a dive and the number of PMs escalates (we get stats on these things) I'll lower the number again :innocent:

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