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Last summer I was going nuts looking for more classes. I was really trying to find some that I didn't have to drive to the next city for because of the costs. In my search I found a few things. I found one sad excuse for a class called "Modern Ballet" where I was the only student and I could have been the teacher and done better. There would have been more actual terminology associated with what we were doing when it was ballet anyway.

Meanwhile I heard about an adult Tap class at a reputable local school. It is 3 or 4 miles away. I could go with Hubby and my niece and it didn't conflict with anything for any of us. Yeah, right?

Unfortunately they wouldn't let us in the class. :angry:

It had started in August and is preparing for a performance. So sad.

But Wait!!! Right before that class I found a 4 week series class for newcomers to Tango.

Woo Hoo. :P

I always wanted to learn some Tango. My parents were Tango champions when they were in their 20's. They are both over 6 feet tall. Dad is 6 foot 7 inches and I can just imagine how cool that looked.

My husband enjoys social dancing. He took Ballroom dance for his college Phys Ed credit. He catches on pretty well.

We have had two of the classes so far and it is really fun. They do not require one bring a partner so we end up switching partners through the class so my niece came along and had fun too. Not all catch on so well so it goes slowly. So far we learned a basic 8 count, a variation on that, a promenade with a cool half turn for the ladies and that is it, but it is only a 45 minute class.

My husband has started doing his Gomez Adams impression when he is with me sometimes and I think the teacher is amused with him. I like getting to dance with the teacher when we are switching. It is great to know what "right" feels like, and he is pretty tall so I get to take a good size stride with him too.

There is one pretty short guy who gets the steps pretty well and I don't mind dancing with him, but he seems to be freaking out about me. I told him to pretend he is at a wedding where you dance with everybody in the family. I should have said where you dance with everybody while you are loaded. It is either that or I have to show him the advantages he had by pulling hi face right into my chest, but I will have to ask my husband if he minds that first, since it would just be to help the guy out.

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Good story.


Actually, I think it’s great for adult ballet students to experience all types of dance.


Were you taking Argentine Tango class or American or International style? Argentine Tango was always a dance form I wanted to learn, but never did. In any type of ballroom dance class, I think it’s good to dance with other people. Not only will you learn a lot about the others in class, but you’ll learn about yourself also.

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