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Has anyone recently tried out Dancework's beginner/ elementary classes? I might be going to London in December for a week and would like to know if anyone could give me some information on the classes there. (I've searched several of the boards already and the information is from a few years ago!!). Also, has anyone tried out the 'pointe and virtuosity' classes there? It says on the site that it's beg/ elementary level....but I don't want to join it if is in reality a more advanced class.


Thanks everyone!



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I took ballet at Danceworks in London last July-Aug 2008.


The Sunday Gen Ballet class with Christina Mittelmaier was good.

The level was ~advanced beginner/intermediate BUT there

was a wide range of student abilities. It was popular class.

The room on the 4th floor (sky-lit) was small & she broke the

class into 3 or more groups for the combinations, which were interesting.

The wood floor was really fast for turns. (There was a rosen box).


She also teaches an adult beginner's class on Tues eve's.


I had another good instructor who was substituting.

?Lori Ade She was RAD certified & had taught @

White Lodge IF NOT in the upper division Royal Academy.


I wasn't as fond of the other instructors there BUT I learn

something new & different from everyone.


The advanced/professional class was impressive. (I didn't

take it). The instructor was from blackballet.com.

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