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I have two dd's, 15 and 13. We are moving to Stuttgart Germany this summer for 3 years. We sent tape auditions to the Cranko school, and they did not get accepted. Does anyone know if there is another school in the Stuttgart area that is not Dolly Dinkle, and they would at least be able to keep up their technique bofore auditioning at Cranko in person next year? I asked Cranko school via email if they had another school or schools in the area to suggest, and have recieved no response. We will be living in Sindelfingen, and are interested only in another local school at this time. Thanks so much!





I realize this is not a recent post - but I am looking for dance studios in Guam the way you were looking for them in Germany. I have a 12 year old student who may be posted to Guam with her Air Force family. Can you help?




Cathy Samardza


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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, IDT!!


I gave you your own topic in hopes that people will see it. Good luck!

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As a military spouse who has moved around a bit, I love doing this kind of research. We've never been to Guam but after doing a little research I did find a Guam phone book online, www.guamphonebook.com, that had several dance places listed included Swan Ballet Center.


Hopefully someone else will have personal experience and be able to be a bit more helpful.



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