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Knees not healing


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So far I have not danced at all for 2 and a half weeks, which is a ridiculous amount of time and my knees still don't feel any better. I have gone to see two different physiotherapists (with excellent credentials) both have different opinions and to what is wrong and both of them said that it will probably be at least another week before they heal (which one said last week).

I am extremely stressed out about this seen as I already have missed two auditions and am going to be missing a master class, I've had to cancel private lessons which my teacher was not happy about, but also I have a future to worry about and 3 weeks is a lot of time to miss right now because I have R.A.D. exams, nutcracker rehearsals, auditions, evaluations and so much more to worry about.

I am so fed up with sitting around watching class everyday and feeling miserable. I just don't understand why they aren't healing ! I'm icing them a couple of times a day, taking 6 anti-inflammatory pills per day, resting, elevating, strengthening core muscles and glutes, you name it and nothing seems to be helping. I just feel so frustrated and don't know what else I can do??? Any help?

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Chill out! Better you take time off now than have to spend the rest of your life with ruined joints. Physiotherapists can be very helpful, but they're no replacement for a Medical Doctor. See if you can find an orthopedist who does sports medicine. S/he'll remove all doubt as to what the problem is, and set you on a proactive road to recovery!

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Major Mel is right. You need a medical diagnosis so you can get the proper treatment. You may require tests such as X-rays or MRI's to know what is really wrong. Try asking either of your physiotherapists for a medical referral, if you don't have a doctor of your own.

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