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Books: The Joffrey Ballet School's Ballet - Fit

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Guest Rebornbyballet

I've just received a copy from my girlfriend (a die hard ballerina wannabe!!) of a great book that has helped me really get into my ballet classes. It's called "The Joffrey Ballet School's Ballet - Fit".


It has so much information that I've already read it twice, and will certainly re read it again, and again. It offers alot of helpful advice for adult dancers as well as the young. Even though I'm not much of a reader, I can't put this book down. I urge all would be and active ballet dancers to pick up a copy ASAP!!


It truly is the ballet dancer's bible!!

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Thanks for posting that -- I've heard a lot of good comments on this book and it's come up before here, but not in awhile. So it's good to bring it up again. A reminder for some, and new information for many.


What did you find most useful about it, Rbbb?

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I've actually read that book and I found it very encouraging to to either the older dancer or the returning dancer - of which I am, sadly, neither! It did get me excited about the ideaof ballet as a wonderful form of exercise and it made me think about doing it...but, alas, that is as far as I got.

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Guest Rebornbyballet

What I really like about the Joffrey Ballet's "Ballet-Fit" book is the very detailed step by step proceedures for everything from where to find good adult classes, to what to look for in a teacher, and class. It tells a total beginner what to expect from a ballet class. I've also never read a book on ballet that answers every possible question you could have about ballet. It helps break down the wall of mystery about why ballet dancers do what they do with such intense passion.


Man, I wish I had found this book years ago. It is literally like having a guided tour to what from the outside looks like a very closed world!!


Books like this can be of great help and comfort to anyone in ballet, or even just conmsidering it.


I found it fascinating that adult ballet classes are THE fastest growing level of ballet participation. Even more than young girls, incredible. It make me feel that I'm not alone in starting ballet at an advanced age!!

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