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Hi my name is Gabby.

I'm the 2nd youngest in my ballet class and i'm the tallest.

I'm the geak.

Every body hates me and makes fun of me.

What do I do?


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Hello Gabby. First, how about telling us how old you are, and why you think that everybody hates you and make fun of you. Being tall is great for ballet. Tall dancers can be very beautiful and elegant. Also, it's possible that you just had all of your growth early. The others will catch up to you in time.

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Well here is the thing there probaly just jealos.

Beacuase every dancer wants to be tall.

The Pensivania ballet only acsepts tall dancers.

So just ignore them.

Love who you are.

Not what people think you are.






I'm 13.

And I feal just uncomfortable.

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Well, it seems that you are speaking to yourself! You have given yourself your own advice.


I know you are only 13, but I would suggest that you slow down a bit and try to figure out how to spell some of the words you are using, especially important things like the name of a State.

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We all use keyboards, dear.


An EXPLOSION at a simple correction like Ms. Leigh's says to me that your socialization problem may have its root in anxiety/defense. I'm not a psychologist, but I've taken (and applied) enough Educational Psychology to recognize the phenomenon when I see it. Ease up, both on yourself, and on others. That will give you enough time to do things correctly, and things will go a lot easier for all.

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