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Dancewear shops in Montreal?

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I'm going to Montreal in couple of weeks (I'm attending the Performing Arts Market CINARS) and I thought that I should look for new pointe shoes as I know that they must sell different brands there than what they sell here. I thought I already found a good model and type of a shoe, but no. :wub:


I've tried Googleing, but haven't found that much about information regarding dancewear shops in Montreal, so I thought to ask if anyone here can give me some advice where to go and where would I find the widest selection of pointe shoes and if I need to book an appointment etc.


Thank you in advance! :shrug:

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:shrug: Try Rossetti of Montreal on 3923 St Denis - (514) 842-7337. I've only bought menswear for my son at their store, but they seem to have a great selection of pointe shoes and fitters as well.
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My dd has only been to Rossetti's, but there is another called Article Danz Etc. and is located at 920 rue Jean-Talon est. Sorry, I don't have any information on it.

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The only time I have been to Article Danz Etc they didn't have a fitter, but I am not sure whether it was just the wrong day of the month... Rossetti used to have a fitter available only on weekend days, so I went there on a Saturday morning. The shop was busy but I think I got enough attention.

I left Montreal three years ago so this information could be out of date.

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According to Gaynor Minden's website, their shoes are only available at Johnny Brown. With a name like that, I'm assuming they speak English there.

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According to Gaynor Minden's website, their shoes are only available at Johnny Brown. With a name like that, I'm assuming they speak English there.


It's been a while since I was there but last time I was, there was at least one fitter there who spoke English.

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Thanks! I can actually get GM here as well, but some other brands are those I'm looking for (like if they have Freeds or Gambas and similar). And I speak some French as well, so I try to survive... :yes:

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Johnny Brown has a website - they list Capezio, Freed, Bloch and GM.

Rossetti used to stock at least Bloch, Russian Pointe, Freed (tried at my fitting), and (I think) Repetto.


Good luck!

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Wow, sounds good! I've never tried Freed, Russian Pointe or Repetto, and I bet they have wider selection of Bloch and Capezio than what we have here. *fingers crossed*


Thanks! :blink:

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Just a bit updating that I went to Rossetti and they were REALLY nice and friendy, they mainly stock Bloch and Capezio, so I didn't find shoes there, but I can highly recommend them - the lady who was helping me was really helpful and nice. :wacko: Afterwards I went to Johnny Brown, and I couldn't find shoes there either (they mainly stock GMs) but also there I got friendly service. :innocent:

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Yes, I really enjoyed myself, although the weather was terribly cold. :D Everyone was really friendly, it was easy to walk around and somehow the atmosphere in the city reminded me of Finland and Finnish people. I would have wanted to stay longer, but I couldn't so I'll definitely return! At Rossetti they didn't have their fitter present at the time I was there, but I was given his name for the next time.

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