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'Sitting' in pointe shoes


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Along with flexible ankles and flexible feet, I have a tendency to sit in my pointe shoes and break them very easily. I try my hardest to stretch my legs to their fullest and stretch and lengthen my feet but sometimes my shoes are too soft to do anything about :devil::( Please please help!!!!


little_dancer123 x

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I think we need some more information so we can help you best. :devil:


How long have you been en pointe?

What shoes (brand/style) have you worn?

What shoes are you currently wearing?

How many times per week are you en pointe and for how long?

Do you do strengthening exercises?

Does the shank of your current pair conform to your arch completely?

What do you do to break in your pointe shoes?

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I have been en pointe for 5 years.

I wear freed professionals but in the past have experimented with bloch and capezio.

I'm en pointe every night (monday-friday) for 1-2 hrs and tuesday and thursday morning classes are full 2 hrs en pointe.

I use a thera-band for strengthening exercises.

Yes the shank of my current shoes do conform to my arch completely.

I don't do much to break in my shoes: i hit them on the floor to get the sound out and i walk around in them so they get used to the shape of my foot and become a little more pliable.


little_dancer123 x

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Perhaps it's time to try Hard shanks then. If you like your Freed Studio 2s, and have been wearing the Standard shanks, then I would definitely try the Hard. :)


If you've already been wearing the Hard, and you've been Jet Gluing the shanks before even wearing them, then we may need to look into some other options.


To me, it just sounds like with the sheer number of hours you're on pointe per week, plus your flexible feet, the shoes are lasting the proper amount of time- you're just wearing the beejeebies (that's a technical term, now! :thumbsup: ) out of them!!

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