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Strengthening exercises?


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What exactly do you need to strengthen?

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Since this is a technique question, and not about pointe shoes, I'm moving this thread to the Young Dancer's forum.

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Well, since all of the leg muscles are involved, you've given us quite a challenge!!!!


Perhaps if we know what you're struggling with, we can be of more specific help. For example, are you having trouble getting up on your platform correctly? Has your teacher given you corrections that you don't understand? Are you ok on 2 feet but not one?


Give us a bit more information and we might be able to help. :)

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I am having trouble with echappés and sous-sus.


I seem to just like plop up there. I don't know how to make my pointe shoes quiet when I go up.

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Lynn, the muscles used for point are the same as those used for demi pointe, jumping, and everything you do. If your legs and feet are not strong enough to get you solidly up on the top of your shoes, at least while holding the barre, since you are new on pointe, then your teacher should be seeing that and showing you what is wrong and how to correct it. If it is truly a strength factor, then you are not ready for pointe. Sous-sus and échappé are pretty basic early pointe steps at the barre.

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How are you at doing those same things when you're not wearing pointe shoes? Are you able to be well-balanced and strong while working without pointe shoes? Are you sure your pointe shoes aren't too big?


Miss Leigh is of course right that it is usually a technique issue, but on rare occasions, I have seen some kids in very, very ill-fitting pointe shoes that actually were quite ready for pointework, but had been fit terribly before coming to see me.


Just some questions to ask yourself. :lol: And if you decide that it's a question of whether you should be en pointe yet or not, it could be time to look around at better training options.

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