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Amazed by these pointe shoes!


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I feel like I should share this information, since it has saved us some money. My dd was fitted in Bloch Axis with "Thermomorphic Technology" at the beginning of June. She had previously been in a couple different types of Freeds, and each pair only lasted 1 to 2 months with only 2 hours a week on pointe.


The theory of this "technology" is that you heat-mold the shoes to your feet and then harden them up by putting them in the fridge. Then they are molded to your feet. We wondered if maybe they would harden back up after each class if we put them in the fridge.


She is currently on pointe about 5 hours per week. After each class, she brings the pointe shoes home and puts them in a tray on the top shelf of the fridge, and takes them out the next day to take to class. They harden up again and are just like new! It is amazing! I'm sure that will gross out some people, but I land on the cheap side, rather than the squeamish side. We're on 5 months now and still as hard as new.


So if your dd can fit in any of the shoes with the TMT, I recommend giving them a shot. They sure have saved us some money.


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I have to agree with you.... my daughter wore these shoes from January until the end of her SI in August! (She is currently wearing Bloch European Balance). I was cautiously thrilled because we were going through shoes anywhere between 3weeks to 3 months. However, I am confused as to why you are putting them into the fridge every night after the initial molding. This isn't in the directions and I must caution you that this may cause the shank to snap in half. My daughter was preparing her second pair and left one in the fridge too long. She wore the shoes once and the shoe that was in the fridge too long snapped in half! Purely anecdotal, but I really think the longer fridge time affected the TMT.

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Lisa Anne, if you scroll down just a little further below the last post you will see the AddReply and FastReply buttons. Either of these will just give you the box to post your response and not quote the entire last post. :D


(I have edited your posts to remove the quoted posts.)

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Thanks for the info, Victoria Leigh!

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My daughter has been wearing these since August and I agree they are really wonderful. She didn't have to mold them either. Previously she was wearing Grishko, but they just weren't right for her feet and were hurting. Freed was recommended her for here, but none of the local shops carry Freed. Instead the fitter tried on a lot of different shoes and went with these Blochs and they fit DD perfectly.


In our area they aren't any less expensive than the Grishkos and the Freeds, though. I did notice that a lot of kids in our area are being given these pointe shoes. In fact, while we were getting DD's pair, there was a girl who looked to be about 15 and she had been doing pointe for a few years. When she complained about pain, all her previous instructors told her that pointe is supposed to hurt. The fitter gave these shoes to the girl and she was smiling for the first time ever en pointe.

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