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Why can I turn but...


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I really love doing pirouettes and I do enjoy turning if... (!) I wouldn't always stumble over my own feet when it comes to the landing.


When I have to do slow single pirouettes I can control the momentum so that I face the direction I want to face (before landing) hold it for a moment and then place my feet very carefully on the floor. Now when I have to turn faster, there is now time for that extra second before I land and I always stumble around like an idiot (in fact, I fall over the foot that is in front, no matter what pirouette I do and where I should close). When I do pirouettes on pointe it is even worse. I stumble when I do singles, doubles or trying to do triples (I am too afraid to do them at the moment because of the stumbling). I don't have this problem when I do tours posé or something like en dedans and en dehors pirouettes just one after the other.


I have the tendency to slighlty roll in with my feet so it could be that it comes from my feet. Other than that I suspect my arms to do something weird or that I loose my posture (this is my teachers suggestion: Hold my posture but the more I try to do that, the worse it gets). I also thought that I am leaning too much to the front but when I tried to adjust my weight I started to fall backwards.


Any suggestions? Thanks for reading and for your replies! :yes:


Edit: I forgot to add that landing in fourth or in attitude or arabesque is no problem (as long as there is no second feet I can trip over :o )

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I have a feeling that you may be allowing the step to end before it actually ends. The end of the pirouette comes with a close into the position you want to end in, in this case, fifth. Although you go down from pointe, and into demi-plié, you pull UP at the end, and the rotation will stay under control until you want it to stop! :yes:

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Uhhmm I never really thought about that but now as you name it... :blink: it could really be that my pirouette end somewhere facing the direction they should. I'll try that in my next class to see the plié at then end of it as part of the turn :lol: Thanks

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Also don't open your arms until you are in the fifth and starting to straighten out of the plié. This controls any extra momentum that causes instability at the end of the turn.

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Oh, this also sounds very reasonable and is really worth a try! Thank you!

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Yesterday in class when we did pirouettes I tried all of what you told me and yes! it works. I still stumble a tiny bit but this is more because my brain runs down its prepare-turn-plié-stumble-programm. Thank you so much :yes:

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