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Is this Normal?


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My company expects us to learn Nutcracker and rep choreography off videos from previous seasons. I was just curious if other people do this as well because it can be hard :yes:

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I don't know if many others do that or not, but I hope not. :yes:

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It's probably not very good if you're only learning from the video, but sometimes looking at videos can be useful in terms of stage presence or spacing. I've been in situations where the person setting the piece used videos as a reference point and i've also had to learn dances by myself solely off a video. One tip that i found helpful is to put the tv in front of the mirror and watch the reflection of the tv, that way you dont have to reverse everything.

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My friend's dance studio does that and I don't think it is smart.

I think that the teacher should teach you the steps themselves

to make it easier for you to learn it. Also, if the teacher doesn't

watch you learn it and you continue doing a step wrong, you will

have a hard time getting rid of the habit.

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i have no experience with that type of thing but if you have a problem with the way that your instructor is expecting you to learn, you should take that up with him/her. : )

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