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Greetings Willow! :P I know that there are some ballet classes available in Delhi and Bombay (although last I checked was a few years ago...), but you're the first I've heard of from Kathmandu! I'll have to spread to word to my friends!

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The beginning was a learning curve, but I have a lovely group of pupils, some just for fun, some hoping to make ballet their life.


Hi Double turn,


Sorry to write a few days later, I'm a bit slow with sitting down to the internet. Yes it really is a steep learning curve in so many ways. Today I got a new student who is 13 and advanced intermediate. My oldest student previous to today is ten and the rest are younger. I have been growing my teaching abilities with my students, but suddenly I have to jump to teaching a much more advanced student and I only wish I could go and take some advanced classes myself to freshen up for her. I hope to manage it by taking it slowly and carefully anyway...such a small place here, so we don't have many choices. Thanks for the encouragement!


Willow :sweating:



Hello, Willow,


I would love to know how ballet has been embraced by the Buddist and Hindu society? Do your students also study the ethnic dances of the region?



Hi tangerine twist,


well Ballet hasn't been embraced yet here but I think it has a great potential when I look at countries like China, Thailand, Taiwan and Korea. Personally I would love to see a ballet that incorporated the classical and traditional dances of Nepal, it would be very beautiful. I tried a guided relaxation meditaion at the end of class on wednesday for the first time and one Tibetan student really went deeply into it, while the rest sort of fidgeted and whispered. I thought that was interesting. :D Willow



Hello Willow! :D


I have a few questions for you about your school. We aren't living in your neck of the woods at the moment, but my DD would be interested in taking classes during our regular trips to Kathmandu to visit family, if that is a possibility. Do you have an e-mail address, since you are not yet able to receive/send private messages?



How nice to meet another kathmandu traveller...please email me at kathmanduballet@gmail.com :D




AmaLari, I will leave your message for the time being until Major Johnson or Ms Leigh are available. However, please recognize that this is the Teacher's Forum where only registered teachers are able to post. Hopefully an Administrator will be able to help you exchange the information you are seeking if that is amicable with Willow Lama.



Oh I already responded...hope that was ok? :P Willow




Actually I should also say sorry...I introduced myself in the welcome forum and also in the teachers forum...so I hope that has not caused confusion.... :blushing:


but you're the first I've heard of from Kathmandu! I'll have to spread to word to my friends!



Thank you, and thanks everyone for the interesting replies. This is cool :o

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This topic is in the Welcome forum, not Teachers, now, so now problem in terms of AmaLari. :P

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Hi, my name is Alexandra and I am 15 years old. I have been taking ballet since I was six but only became serious about dance about three years ago. I love almost all kinds of dance but I mostly focus on ballet. I take six classes a week , including two which I assistant. I will be going to ABT Austin this summer and I am incredibly excited! I can't wait to expereance differant types of dance, learn new combinations and work hard. I hope to learn a lot there. I also like to read a lot, write, swim, play piano, and babysit.





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Guest Giannina

Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Alexandra; we are very happy to have you with us. I'm sure you are going to enjoy the board; we have information, advice, and encouragement for you on our various threads. We hope you'll have a wonderful time this summer at ABT Austin!



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Hi. I am not new to the Ballet Talk or Talk for Dancers boards, but I have rarely posted. I was an early member of another site like this one, but has become overrun with whom I believe are posers with no real understanding of serious dance or professionalism. Now, after some time to prepare for my up-coming wedding (June 21st to my beloved Katherine), I would like to occasion this site.


Though I will post on occasion, I don't want to talk about “me” other than my ideas. I have done a lot to shirk off my dance career egoism and narcissism that is so epidemic and destructive in dance and the arts in general. (I will be writing about that quite a bit!) May this “Welcome” response take care of the “about me” information.



In 1970 I was a young hormone-driven long haired kid who played music and frequented the downtown DC art museums and performances of anything not hip (classical music, jazz, performance art, opera, gallery openings). I hung out at a youth club to ground me from this rather unusual trait. There I became briefly infatuated with 2 sisters, who were off from school at Washington (DC) School of Ballet. They said if I was as interested in ballet as I was them, I should take a look at it. I followed them from the club on the Washington Cathedral grounds to the school a few blocks away.


I nervously walked in. The sisters giggled and quickly opened the door just to the right of the main entrance. Darting directly for me was a foot. A foot clothed in black. It was pointed like a spear. It was going to impale my forehead. I gasped and stepped back. The foot landed and the youth attached to that foot, broke his forward motion with his hands on my shoulders. He said, "Sorry; I didn't expect the door to open". He then waddled to the corner to continued what I heard my soon-to-be mentor Julio de Bittencourt call out as "grande allegro" to the other side. That foot belonged to Kevin MacKenzie, now the director of ABT. He and his 25 or so colleagues were training in men's class. De Bittencourt chided me in his "Ricardo Monteban"-like accent, “Boy; come in if you'd like to watch, or shut the door.” I was in. As class let out, I noticed that all the other classes let out as well: around 250 gals my age wearing tight dance clothes, mixed with the sparce 25 or-so guys. I was in... permanently.


Fast forward. I graduated from WSB at the age of 19 (I had a bit of catching up to do). I was an original company member of Washington Ballet in its first 3 years. I was not one of Choo San Goh's favorites, (understatement) so I left to dance for NYC Opera, freelance with NYCB (when Mr. B was ill and men were leaving the company), briefly Berlin Ballet, Cleveland Ballet, Milwaukee Ballet, Ballet Met of Columbus. I was a soloist/principle with Cincinnati Ballet, where at the University of Cinci I received my BFA and work towards a MFA (they closed the Masters program while I was there). I finished my career at Colorado Ballet where I was a principle character actor (and sometimes dancer) and with Western Chamber Ballet, a company I founded/directed and danced with an associate and left, (now defunct).


This summer will mark my 30th year as a dance educator. I have taught as faculty and a guest with schools small and large across the US, including Washington Ballet, Milwaukee Ballet, as an adjunct and instructor at the College Conservatory in Cincinnati, Assistant Prof of Dance at CO State University, Naropa University. I have directed two small schools in the Pacific Northwest, and have been ballet master at Manassas Ballet Theater in VA. Currently I am a permanent guest instructor at Ballet Academy of Warrenton (VA). I teach from the Vaganova Curriculum as a rule, but also work with techniques from the Balanchine school, Cuban and Bournonville schools, when coaching repertoire specific to those techniques, all of which I have studied with mentors. I am also am certified to teach Lester Horton Technique, release technique and my own structured class based upon my own choreographic style. I tend towards the view of a purist, but believe that purity is also created in new ideas that are founded upon the basis and expansion of what has come before. (I do not suffer low standards, posers and fools easily.) I am also a freelance choreographer for professional dancers and organizations, with over 40 works created in the last 25 years.


I have also done theater, event, and theatrical management, gallery management and curating as well as Internet marketing and arts content management for informational and arts-based websites.


My other post-dance career are now:


- Museum Curator and Archivist for small collections, artists' collections, editorial and strip artists' collections. This is a long story about how learned and gained experience in this area. (I do not have a degree in the field). I worked and managed commercial galleries and worked in cataloging and display of both small collections and museum collections in the 1990s, as my dance career was winding down.


- I lead seminars and workshops for professionals and artists on career focusing and post career diversification, objectives training, & mindfulness training (I'm a Buddhist practitioner). Indeed, if a dancer is to have "life-after-dance", they certainly should consider getting counsel regarding, dance training specificity and career diversification - one of my specialties that I -will not- do on these boards (I learned my lesson about that long ago.)


From 1989 to 94 I was in Colorado, and from then on in the Pacific NW in Seattle, Washington State, Oregon and Montana (I love the mountains). I moved back to the Shenandoah's where our family farm is to help and look after my elderly mother and kick start my career after the doldrums of the “dot.gone” era of 2001-02, drained my savings and career.


So enough about my aging self. See y'all online.


Philip S. Rosemond

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Guest Giannina

Welcome to Ballet Talk, Philip; we are happy to have you with us. I thank you most sincerely for your fascinating history; it was very generous of you to share it with us. We hope you enjoy both boards, and we look forward to having you share in our discussions.



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Welcome, Philip...I will look forward to reading your posts. Sincerely, Gina Ness

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gerlonda, Philip is a 'new member' and won't have PM privileges until he has 30 substantive posts.

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Hello Friends,


I am very nervous and looking about here - not knowing whether I should actually run or stick around and see what happens.


But - I am a new member here. I am a mid-range professional (scientist engineer type) and am completely new to all of this. But I have actually ordered my shoes and am ready to start a class this fall.


Now having said that - I am truly scared witless. I want to enroll in the "right" class and proceed in the "right" way. I have investigated several schools in my area and get the "impression" that many "Adult Ballet Classes" are actually "Senior Exercise Classes" and not truly stepped ballet instruction that ultimately leads to anctual performance opportunities.


Can anyone have mercy on this poor fellow and offer some truly good advice on how to take the first steps here?


I am MOST appreciative of any pointers you may lend to me. I also have a larger list of more detailed questions to ask the group of you all are willing to help. Thanks - I anticipate this group will be a godsend.



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Hello Trysden, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :P


Starting ballet classes as an adult can be quite a daunting thought, I'm sure, but, once you get into it I bet you will be totally fine. :angelnot:


For answers to your questions please post them on the Adult Students Board. You will find LOTS of adult beginners there, as well as a lot of encouragement and help. There is also a forum just for Male Dancers, so check that one out too. :shrug:

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Just to add my hello, and echo Ms Leigh's advice to have a good read around the Adult Students fora -- the Adult Ballet Students board isthe place to go for technique questions, and the Adult Ballet Students' Buddy Board is for more general support. You'll be among friends who understand exactly what you're going through!

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Hello everybody,

I have been reading this forum for quite a while and always found tons of useful information. May be this is about time to introduce myself. I am a mother of 14 y.o. DD who is aspiring to become a professional ballet dancer. She is taking her mostly private and semi-private classes with a Russian teacher/choreographer a few times a week. I hope I can write here sometimes because very often I am really confused and torn between being just a ballet Mom and the coordinator of the company that is growing together with my daughter, and i am really looking forward to sharing my personal experiences with you guys.

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Hello PowerSpark, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :rolleyes:


You will find a lot of support on the parents forum, and also on Cross Talk. When you have been here long enough to become a full member, there is PTA forum, which is private. This means that you can only see that forum once you have been admitted by an administrator, and no one who is not admitted can see the forum. Hope you enjoy sharing your thoughts and questions as well as reading the forums on our board! :)

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