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gerlonda, Philip is a 'new member' and won't have PM privileges until he has 30 substantive posts.

From the samples so far, we're not going to have a problem with the "substantive" part! :wacko:

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An addendum to my little bio above, (in order to remain "substantive"). All egoism aside: I am experienced and knowledgeable but verbose to a fault. I am opinionated and love civil debate that lacks personal attack as part of argumentation, but sometimes to a fault.


Obviously, this is not a part of the social culture of these boards, which are stridently moderated and enforced: The Ballettalk forums dis-clude overt debate and rebuttal as a primary part and parcel of discussion. Subsequent reprimands have informed me as such. Its a shared forum and as a child of the 60s, I am burnt out on rebellion. So, in order to continue to be a part of this ailso-knowledgeable group, I have put the breaks on such verbosity and I will continue to do so.


If I have an opinion, I will do my best to relay it as lightly as possible, which was unfortunately not the timbre of my first several responses in some areas. (Two fingers together gestured upwards, facing the audience as a solemn oath.) Again: my apologies.


Conversely, I also vow to remain as "substantive" as possible, as any other type of talk is usually idol chatter and gossip. If "substance" and "substantiation" is not a part of this site, you will never see me again. (The good news is that this site, unlike other sites, usually is quite informative).


I now think we can let this subject drop, as I don't wish to be drawn into a debate about it that I didn't begin.


Thanks, Philip.

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Well, considering your background and experience I'm sure your ballet-related opinions will be right on the money :innocent:

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I stumbled upon this wonderful website. What a wealth of information. I am a "never danced or even took a lesson" Mom with 2 daughters. The oldest is a senior in college and danced recreationally. The youngest just turned 15 and is tryng to move from dancing recreationally to pre professional. It is hard on all of us because we are so unfamiliar with the field.

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welcome, sciencegeek!


from another non-dancing mom... Don't worry, the natives are very friendly here and you will learn lots!

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Welcome sciencegeek! :D I think you will find lots of help, support, encouragement, and understanding from our parents and moderators here. There is a ton of information, so do try to find some time to just read a lot of topics! :grinning:

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Hi :)


I am a ballet teacher who still tries to hobble out in an adult class once in a while. I am also back in college earning my Art History degree. ( I figure it would be handy to get some training which requires minimal use of aching joints...)


Um...I am a hardcore bunhead (never was much interested in other kinds of dance, but I did take some jazz in high school) but never had the right body to go all the way. I love teaching and working in the studio more than performing, anyhow. I mostly subscribe to a Balanchine style technique, but I try to encourage my students to find their best fit.


Can't wait to chat with everyone!

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Hello Balletbabe32, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :wink: We are happy that you found us, and I see you have already found our Teachers forum. :)

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Well, I did ballet as a child for a couple of years but have not participated since. I am starting in an adult class in a few weeks. I'm a little nervous; but it's a small class and I have a friend already in it that's a beginner as well. Anyway, just wanted to say hi! I'm going to skim other topics before I start asking questions

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers blueyedcole. It is lovely to meet you. In your journey through BT4D you will find there are many wonderful things to offer. Enjoy. :) Ballet classes are a great way to learn about ballet and sometimes, even a bit about ourselves! :thumbsup:

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Welcome. :lol: I started up as an adult a couple of summers ago and love it.

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