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I guess I jsut wanted to introduce myself. I found Ballet Talk totally by accident but I am so glad that I did.

I am now 28 yrs old and started dancing only about 5 years ago.


I had always dreamed of doing ballet as a little girl but there were no dance studios where I lived. When I finaly went away for college I decided that might as well take the pluge and just do it. I can honestly say it's the best fun and most rewarding thing I have done yet. I just love it!


I can't wait to start exploring this site and soak in all the information and knowledge here.

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Hello leblanc07, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :devil:


We have a very active adult student group here, and lots of other forums we hope will be of interest to you, so enjoy, and don't be shy about posting your questions and experiences!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers (BT4D) Leblanc, and I hope you'll pop in to the Adult Students Buddy Board for mutual support, and the Adult Students Board for expert advice from our Teacher Moderators, and loads of fellow dancers' experiences. As Ms Leigh says, there's an active bunch of adult students here.

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Hi everyone. I guess I should introduce myself a bit as I have been posting; I am greatly enjoying our discussions and conversations. I've been a member of Ballet Talk for a while and only recently moved over to the BT for Dancers, although I have read snippets here and there.

About me. Hmm. I am a "retired" (at the grand old age of 28) dancer, my husband and I (he's a graduate of the Seleznev Choreographic Institute in AlmaAta and danced throughout Russia) opened our own ballet school here in Virginia two years ago. It's hard work but incredibly rewarding.

My training was under Russian teachers (primarily Slava Mesropov) except for a summer intensive at Washington School of Ballet (one of my teachers was Victoria Leigh; imagine my surprise to see her here!) and the Virginia Governor's School. I enjoy teaching much more than I enjoyed dancing-I was blessed with an odd proportioned body that didn't quite do what I wanted it to. My doctors discovered after my son was born that my legs have an inch length discrepancy and I have three scoliosis curves. No wonder my body never did what I wanted!! (The doctors say ballet training helped me "hide" my scoliosis for so many years, gotta love that beautiful posture. He also told me to continue taking class to keep the flexibility and range of movement high.) So I hobble into my husbands' classes once a week with my lift in my ballet shoe and attempt to get my arabesque to 45 degrees.

I am the mother of a very busy four year old. This is my most rewarding job and my greatest accomplishment. He says he wants to be a dancer...we'll see. My husband is ready to send him off to St. Petersburg when he's 10. I don't know about 10 yrs old, maybe 15.

I also recently (finally!!!) finished my BA in History and have been admitted (don't know when I'll find the time) to the MA Program. I wrote my undergraduate thesis on Vaganova's impact on Russian ballet. My mentor wasn't too excited about my topic when I presented it to him but I converted him!! He wound up submitting it to his professional association for their undergraduate award of excellence and I was asked to lecture one of his classes.

Anyways, enough about me. I hate talking about myself. I am happy to be a member of BT for Dancers and look forward to more conversations with my new "friends".

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Welcome, Solnishka79. :) We are happy that you have joined us, and thank you for such a nice introduction! Having your own school is a huge job, for sure, and I wish you both the very best with this endeavor. Hope you continue to enjoy our forums. :devil:

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Hi Everyone! I love this website! (and I owe it all to LilBalletDancer1993 who recommended it to me!).

I'm a late starter at ballet, and I'm trying my best to catch up with others my age, it's great reading things that people my age (13-16yr old age group) have to say about the ballet world. Thanks for taking time to read this, and thank you to all the forum moderators who help keep this site on track! :blink:

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Hello and greetings to everyone! I happened to stumble across this site and it is EXACTALLY what I was needing! I have been 2nd guessing myself about getting into Adult Ballet. I'm 22, so just barely an adult and have been, lets face it, out of shape since high school, so the idea of being back in ballet after not dancing for almost 5 years is a little daunting.


I live in Oklahoma and the ballet circuit here is not as profound as I would have liked, not alot of adult ballet classes offered here. THank goodness for Tulsa Ballet!


I am really looking forward to browsing the forums and deffinately taking part in discussions on the adult ballet board, I need some advice on a couple of questions already and Im not even enrolled yet for the summer intersession!


Thank you all and I look forward to lots of great advice!


Lauren in Oklahoma

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Hello Lauren in Oklahoma, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :) We are glad that you found us, and also that you are starting back to ballet. Best of luck, and we hope you enjoy our forums. :blink:

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Hello pointe200, welcome, and thank you for introduing yourself! :) Glad you found us, and that you are enjoying our forums for Young Dancers! :blink:

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:) hi everybody.


i'm 16 years old, and i've been wanting to start ballet for a year, but my mom works full time and it would be hard for her to get me to classes. because of this she made me wait untill i got my license. now i finally have it, and since it's summer i want to start ballet. i really can't wait. i love dancing, and even though i haven't started classes yet, its pretty much been my life.


well, just introducing myself since i'm new...


and i can't wait to talk to all of you :flowers:

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Guest Giannina

Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, ijustwanttodance; it's very nice to have you with us. It's wonderful that you can attain your desire of taking dancing classes. We hope all goes well for you and that you thoroughly enjoy it; just be ready for sore muscles. You'll find support and advice on the board; be sure to ask for whatever you need.



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Hello all,


Well, in my eagerness to work on pointe shoe fittings, I posted on the pointe shoe forum prematurely without introducing myself! I'm a little old-fashioned, you could say, about posting my name online, but I would be delighted to post my oft-used family nickname, Jo.


I used to dance professionally, and was happily training and dancing in the Joffrey School and Ensemble when a partnering accident (and September 11) forced me to leave the city at 17 and go home to my very concerned (naturally) parents.


Throughout college and my masters degree, I kept up with dance, and still dance simply for the pleasure of it. I am of course also an avid balletomane as well! I am so happy to have found this community of dancers and fans, as there really wasn't anything like this when I was young, barring Linda Hamilton's "Advice for Dancers" in Dance magazine!


I'm now 23, but I hope to continue dancing and perhaps even get back into it at the city or regional level. I can't wait to get to know you all!



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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! You don't have to post your name on the forums and most of us just use our "user" names. Make yourself at home and enjoy getting acquainted with things around here.

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Guest Giannina

Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Jo; it's very nice to have you with us. It's wonderful that you're getting back to dance after such a difficult departure; hope all goes well. You'll find encouragement and advice here. As a balletomane you might also enjoy our sister site, Ballet Talk, which can be accessed at the upper right hand corner of this page. Should you join that site it would be nice you'd register using your same name so that we know who you are.



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Hi I wanted to know i just bought a pair of gaynor midden pointe shoes I love the way they feel but, the back on one shoe slips off. My mother just ordered me the heel pads do they work?

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